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#TwitterFiles Parts 10-15

Jan 25th 2023 15 Min read WizestWizard

The Twitter Files: Part 10: How Twitter Rigged the Covid Debate
Posted 15 days ago | January 09 2023
The Twitter Files part 10 covers how Twitter handled Covid information in it's platform. How were decisions made and who made them to suppress or remove users and their tweets. Was there just suppression of legitimate misinformation, or did Twitter and other platforms go to far and stifle open debate?


The Twitter Files: Part 11: How Twitter Let the Intelligence Community In
Posted 15 days ago | January 09 2023
The Twitter Files Part 11 shows the history of how pressure on Twitter from the media and a few congressional members over potential Russia linked accounts on Twitter, led to the US Intelligence Community having more direct influence over content moderation decisions


The Twitter Files: Part 12: Twitter and the FBI “Belly Button”
Posted 15 days ago | January 09 2023
The Twitter Files Part 12, gives insight into how the FBI originally started out as the primary contact for Government requested content moderation. The content in question was originally from accounts suspected to be aligned with foreign state actors conducting disinformation campaigns. Over time this morphed into requests coming from multiple government agencies, some not even involved in intelligence, as well as directly from congressional members.


The Twitter Files: Part 13: Pfizer board member Scott Gottlieb pressed Twitter to hide posts challenging Covid Vaccines


The Twitter Files: Part 14: Russiagate
Posted 11 days ago | January 13 2023
Part 14 of the Twitter Files covers communications with elected officials and internal communications within Twitter regarding the use of Russian Bots to amplify the hashtag #ReleaseTheMemo. Internal communications showed that Twitter did not find Russian Bot activity, but rather organic traffic boosted by accounts with larger followings. Regardless of Twitters assessment, public officials and news media outlets ran with the story that Russian bots were boosting.


The Twitter Files: Part 15: How the pharmaceutical industry lobbied social media to shape content around vaccine policy
Posted 8 days ago | January 16 2023