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PA Sen. Santarsiero Funds Sexualization of Kids

Jan 25th 2023 7 Min read Concerned Parent

Lower Makefield resident and Pennsylvania Democrat State Senator of Pennsylvania's 10th Senate district managed to secure a whopping $630,000.00 in taxpayer cash for this grovel session in Doylestown. This money funds some offshoot of the Planned Parenthood abortion alter called The Rainbow Room. The "initiative" as they call it, isn't for killing unwanted babies however.

No no no. This monster is for corrupting the minds of the children you've already given birth to. The Rainbow Room's purpose is to promote your children into experimentation with transgenderism and homosexuality. Cross dressing and social justice are also highly encouraged. You can even practice witchcraft with their inclusive rainbow tarot cards!

Rest assured, Santarsiero claims "A $630,000 state grant will fully fund the operational costs of both Rainbow Room locations for many years to come." Apparently, it's enough money to facilitate opening another facility in Lower Bucks as well. They promise the other location will be open soon.

The announcement occurred back in October of 2022 for those of you who may have been busy at work paying for this; Episcopalian clergy and all were in attendance. You can check it out for yourself: 181 East Court Street Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901.

The Rainbow Room provides support and guidance for kids as young as 10 years old; how accommodating. Imagine what they'll be able to do with all this money we gave them. They even have an occasional "Drag Queen Story Hour" where a bearded man dressed like a woman will gleefully read a book to your toddler. The kids can even sit on the man's lap as he reads to enhance the experience. Parental accompaniment is suggested but not required. What says acceptance like leaving your kid alone at Drag Queen Story Time?

Aww look. Even your Bucks County Commissioners are hard at work. They too are getting in on the fun. Here a picture of Diane Ellis-Marseglia and her lapdog Robert Harvie promoting the Rainbow Room. Where's Mr. Republican's pride flag? He wanted to get in on the photo-op. Why not go ALL in? A bandana perhaps? No...Gene DiGirolamo has standards... hahahahaha!😂😂

WTH?🤡 Check this out from Libs of TikTok, at the Rainbow Room!