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A Fine Line Between Tolerance and Agitation

Jan 17th 2023 7 Min read The Cavalry

Not surprisingly, there was no positive press for the Central Bucks School Board's recent decision to keep woke-ism out of the classroom. Policy 321 passed with a 6-3 vote. Bravo. The meeting took place on January 10, 2023.

In summary, the Policy 321 states: "...employees should not “advocate” to students on “partisan, political, or social policy matters,” or display any “flag, banner, poster, sign, sticker, pin, button, insignia, paraphernalia, photograph, or other similar material that advocates concerning any partisan, political, or social policy issue.”

What's the problem?

The tidal wave of social justice warriors (SJWs) crashed on the Central Bucks School District to object to the new policy. But with courage, the battle-ready school board and galvanized parents prevailed. They survived the onslaught from the media and survive to fight another day. The left-wing activists were sure to show up. There were about 100 people in attendance, consisting mostly of those objecting to the policy.

The board members held the line during this attack and they should be commended. Apathetic parents need to wake up. There should have been a thousand parents at the meeting to support the policy. It's a fair approach to the problem.

If you've been living under a rock, your way of life is being attacked from every angle. One of the opposition's targets is the children. The football game will have to wait. These are important positions to defend. Don't give the marauders an ounce of breathing room because once the customary standards of education are lost, they are gone forever. We've already lost so much.

The storm remains however. The demons are spewing through the gates of hell to corrupt your children. This time they want to adorn the walls of your tax funded schools with gay/trans pride flags and other divisive emblems. Batton down the hatches because these monsters will continue with continued support from the likes of Education Law Center, ACLU, and Department of Education.

The SJWs argue its discriminatory NOT to hang this gay/trans pride flag- that this is really a freedom of speech issue. The handful of student speakers at the board meeting often brought up that the flag exhibits an inclusive safe space. The excuses for flying the flag are rooted in deception however. The students are being used to promote our dehumanization; to let anything fly; to push the Overton Window. They are cannon fodder.

In fact, the flag makes most of the students and staff uncomfortable. But why wouldn't they show up to the board meeting to speak out with dismay? Their absence is by no means a passive act of approval. Their absence is due to a fear of retribution. Who needs the trouble?

The education system has been filled with woke leftists. And they fight dirty. Oppose the government school indoctrination and you're a bigot, a homophobe, a transphobe. You should lose your job. You should lose your scholarship. They'll cancel you! You're not being inclusive enough. Look different, but think the same- that's the mantra.

I'll fill you in on the majority's perspective. The gay/trans pride flag is offensive and exclusionary. It's a complete afront to the Biblical values our society was built upon and how most Americans, knowingly or unknowingly, raise their families. The pride flag in fact stokes intolerance. Most importantly, the flag is an insidious back door to young impressionable minds. It undermines what is taught in the traditional mother/father led home.

The activists' intent is to spark the curiosity of young children. A teacher hopes they will get the opportunity to explain the flag to an eight-year-old. Wouldn't some of those "educators" get a rise from opening a mind? Perverse. My, how the government schools have devolved. Focus on writing, math, and science. Your scores leave much room for improvement.

Woke mob, you are over rocking the boat. Instead of creating utopian tolerance, you are becoming a source of aggravation. Let well enough alone. You are going to create an environment of complete sectarianism. Legalizing gay marriage was the olive branch of societal acceptance and America acknowledging your version of the equilibrium. But you continue to battle. The inch given is starting to feel like a mile taken. Keep the reprobate mind away from our schools. Read the room. The innocence of children will always be defended.

Peace and Love to my benevolent gay brothers and sisters.