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Commissioner Marseglia Uses Black People

Feb 22th 2023 8 Min read The Cavalry

A few weeks ago, I was driving to work through Langhorne, heading northbound on route 413. On the right, just after I crossed over Bridgetown Pike, I noticed a large sign for something that was "COMING SOON". Having driven this path hundreds of times, the new sign stuck out like a sore thumb. Focused on my driving, I couldn't fully make out the details. This property with the sign appeared quiet and vacant for years. The curiosity was killing me. On my way back, I would be sure to decipher the sign.

Pulling up to the light, at the end of my day, I was finally able to get a clear look at the sign. It read, "African American Museum of Bucks County...COMING SOON". What an odd place for a museum I thought; and to boot, an "African American" museum? Here is about as white as can be. I could smell the ulterior motives. Something was amiss and the curiosity mounted once again.

No sooner was the murder of George Floyd plastered on the front pages of every paper in America, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi jumped at the opportunity to pander. She is a master of buffoonery and trained in deception. Two weeks after Floyd's death, on June 8,2020, she threw on a Kente cloth and a mask and took to one knee in the US Capital Building. After the stunt Nancy could barely stand up.

"You never want a serious crisis to go to waste." -Rham Emanuel, democrat/professional low-life

Commissioner Marselgia in the meantime was inspired. How could she use her county position to do her own pandering? How could she secure some black votes in her pursuit for higher office? She is a career politician after all.

The Aha! moment surfaced. She'll leverage her authority to annex a county property and hand it over to something black... The mobile African American Museum of Bucks County wants a permanent location she thought. Thats it! Decree done.

After perusing the county's real estate portfolio, she found the perfect spot, on the edge of Core Creek Park in the middle of white-ville; I mean Langhorne. This community could use some social engineering she thought. And what better method of implementation than cultural appropriation?

Without any approvals at the township level, or consultation of the surrounding neighborhoods, Diane started moving land and constructing the museum. Her lackey and Middletown Township supervisor, Anna Payne, rubber stamped the project from the inside. Payne works directly for Marseglia in the Commissioners' office. Corrupt much?

Don't be fooled by Diane's monumental gestures. She's trying to make up for the checkered history of the Democrat identity; tarnished by slavery and the KKK. If Democrats truly cared about the populations they deemed to be underserved, they would ensure exemplary education, dignified neighborhoods, safe streets, and most importantly, one's self determination.

Commissioner Marseglia doesn't actually care about black Americans though. She cares about black votes. Never forget the sentiments of her elders and comrades:
- Joe Biden, in a radio interview with Charlamagne, during his presidential campaign, actually stated, "If you've got a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump then you ain't black!"
- Campaigning for her husband, Hillary Clinton referred to young blacks males as super predators.

This museum makes about as much sense as a European American museum or an Asian American museum. Black history is American history. But a black museum in a white neighborhood is just as logical as a white museum in a black neighborhood. Wouldn't an AMERICAN museum make more sense? Otherwise, the rest of the community is left wondering, "Where's MY museum?" Nonetheless, the justification for building at this location is vague and anecdotal hearsay at best.

An American museum would tell everyone's struggles and triumphs. We know the Chinese built the railroads. We know the Irish dug the coal. We know natives were displaced. And we know the Africans were slaves. The list goes on. Lets not dwell on our divisive trials but celebrate our common accomplishments.

In fact, I propose a referendum vote on this project. The project would be voted down however. This is of course why the proper approval channels were not pursued. I would go so far as to say that if my prediction was wrong, that if the community ultimately did award the museum project, I would clean the museum bathrooms at no charge for one year.

If this museum project was popular though, the surrounding neighborhoods would have been consulted. The commissioners work for the people remember- not the other way around. And taxes are expensive, especially in that area. You'd think you'd have a say in things. I've spoken to many of these residents and for various reasons, this museum is not popular. It is not a project the local taxpayers want to be a part of and I certainly wouldn't end up cleaning toilets.

Commissioner Marseglia is using a historically marginalized community to build a self-serving staircase to political success. The people are her steps. Build the shrine to the victim class elsewhere. Cancel the project. The residents know the museum will just be used to indoctrinate their kids into resenting their white heritage. School trip time!