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If Not Today, Then Tomorrow!

Feb 22th 2023 8 Min read Seymour Goode

The municipalities in Bucks County are townships and boroughs. A listing of them can be found at the website: https://www.buckscounty.gov/593/Municipalities. On each of the township or borough websites, you'd be able to find the makeup of the government. Some municipalities operate with commissioners or supervisors and others with mayor with supervisors. They are too numerous to list in this writing. Finding your own township is easy.

Importantly enough, you'd find the term of the supervisors or mayors of your own municipality. It seems that most terms end at the end of the calendar year and the 6-year terms are staggered for the commissioners or supervisors.

If ever you had the desire to have a political impact in your neighborhood, town, borough or municipality, the time is running out to run for office. Let's look at the timing. Generally, the term begins in January. The election is in November. The primary would be in May. To be listed for the primary election, the county must be informed in March.

In that its February, running for local municipality office needs to start tomorrow…or sooner.

Previously, this writer suggested good people run for office to help the community be managed by good people. If not today, then tomorrow. When does tomorrow come? We must plan for tomorrow. The information is out there to find the opportunities to impact tomorrow.

If you have the desire to be involved, have the time and the energy to stand for what is right, then a great impact on your local community may be accomplished within your local government.

Bensalem has two positions which need to be voted on in November. Warminster has one. Doylestown has two. Middletown has one. Warrington has two. All have one or two.

During most elections, you may not even know who is running for local office until election day. Unless by CHANCE you know the candidate, you are flipping a coin on good or bad. I would bet that you'd be right 50% of the time. Remember, it's a six-year term.

If not today, then tomorrow. It may be best to go to a commissioner or supervisor meeting. There you can see 'who is who' and, MORE IMPORTANTLY, who represents you. You can make the decision if you want them to be the one to vote on your next tax increase or put your municipality into debt (and debt comes in hundreds of thousands of dollars at a pop). You get to understand who is approving the Pride Parade or the Independence Day Parade. You get to decide who is representing you…or not.

A quote attributed to Plato reads: “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.”

If not today, then tomorrow. Although time may be quickly passing on the chance for the next opening on your board of commissioners, that does not mean the game is over. There is the next opening. When you go to the meetings, you can find out what the commissioners do. When you speak with one or two of them (likely the ones that you like), they'd be more than happy to provide you information of how to run for the next open spot. They did at one point. I am sure that members of that board would love to have allies. You can find you how much time and effort they put in. You can find how important your participation may be. You can find how much people need good people.

If not today...