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A Call to Keyboards

Jan 06th 2023 8 Min read The Cavalry

Notice the title of this column is not "A Call to Arms!". We are at a juncture in time where even just small groups of loud peaceful citizens can spread truth and reason and can still right this ship. There is no doubt we've gone off course. Most in our country can agree to that. After 9/11 there was an environment of unity. Today, just a little over 20 years later, we see absolute division. But how did this happen? How did we get here?

As a boy, I delivered the Bucks County Courier Times to my neighborhood every morning with the exception of Saturday. I'd get up early and grab the bundle of about 50 papers that were dropped on my parents' driveway. I'd then bag or rubber band them depending on the weather, and get them to the subscribers with haste.

Once a month, I would go around to my customers and "collect". Collecting was when you got paid for your work. Sometimes you'd even get a gratuity. And sometimes people would avoid you like the plague until they had no choice but to finally pay or give up their precious paper. People did enjoy their paper though and the demand was strong. Let's admit it, you were a leper if you didn't get the paper.

My route was a humbling experience. I learned the importance of work and scheduling and how to manage money and customers. Moreover, if you committed to the route long enough, one could even earn a scholarship for college. My route manager was always providing the paper work in an effort to keep me around. Looking back, the whole operation was quite impressive. It permeated our culture.

Today of course, there are no paper boys. No bags or rubber bands. No front door deliveries. And no collections. The quintessential Saturday Evening Post cover of the father hiding behind his paper is a thing of the past. Eventually I moved on and some years later, the traditional newspaper died. The paper is easier to find on your phone instead of your doorstep now.

There are a number of reasons for this regression. Perhaps the most obvious reason, is the stoking of individual differences by dishonest media with the help of the mighty big tech platforms. The legacy media has decided what you're going to see and that you're going to like it. Big tech is the bouncer. If you don't like it, if you object, you're a bad person and should be banished from public discourse. These forces work at the behest not of you, but of the globalist, new world order, elitist, uni-party. You know...the "you will eat bugs people"?

These organizations' skeletons are finally starting to come out. Thanks to the likes of Elon Musk we've been able to see just how deep the corruption goes. We always thought it was there but not necessarily to what extent. I suspect it runs deeper than we can imagine. In fact, I'd bet my last dollar on it, and I don't gamble. It will all come out of course - over time. But there are really few surprises; just confirmations.

I want to be clear that I am not accusing any of our local news or commentary organizations of corruption. Not yet at least. I have no proof. Maybe it's only the national and worldwide conglomerates that prioritize money. Locally our beloved Courier Times and The Intelligencer comes to mind. Their work is often soft though; not much hard-hitting journalism taking place. What gives? What are their allegiances?

We've trusted these periodicals for decades but If you visit The Courier's website:www.buckscountycouriertimes.com , you come to learn, subtly nonetheless, that they have in fact been pimped out. My local paper pimped out? By who you say?! That's preposterous! It's true though. And to a big multinational conglomerate! If you can find the time to sift through the pond scum of milquetoast stories and advertisements, you'll come to find the pimp: Gannett Co.

A deep dive into Gannet Co. isn't so necessary here. A short visit to their website provided plenty of fodder for my points. Daddy Gannett Co. and The Courier is more committed to woke-ism and ad space than they are to serving Bucks County with tough questions or journalistic integrity.. Holding our politicians to account takes a back seat to ESG, diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. See for yourself: www.gannett.com. You'll be astonished at who's behind your "local news"😧. Don't we deserve better? They're even traded on the NYSE. So much for shopping locally.

Remember correlation does not always mean causation. They are certainly ripe for compromise though. One big company overseeing dozens, if not hundreds of small news outlets tend to create that Medusa style breeding ground. Operationally, that's how Disney runs ABC, Universal runs NBC, etc. They all regurgitate the same leftist, dark money propaganda; encouraging you to recycle, get boosted, stop hate. The messaging is the same across the board. You've seen the compilations. Of course, it's all a coincidence though. Move along.

The problem isn't that my paper has largely moved online. I don't even think you could find a boy willing to deliver papers these days anyway. The problem is that along with losing my touchable, crunchy, foldable, uniquely scented newspaper, the business model changed. Cost and consolidation became the focus. Our news lost local access and accountability has been replaced by modern corporate influence. Our paper sold out. Try to read it- you'll see.

My Bucks County Courier Times, that I have such nostalgia for, is relegated to the trophy case of big media- with all the other big media conglomerates. I've accepted that. So where do you go if you want to sound off? You're looking at it. You come here. Back to Basics Bucks was created out of necessity. There is nowhere to go for a conservative view on local issues as this has devolved into a liberal echo chamber. If you don't exercise your first amendment, history has proven it to atrophy. You'll have no right to complain; or perhaps no rights at all.

This is citizen journalism.

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