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11 June 2023 15 Min read Seymour Goode

Facial Recognition

Only a few short weeks ago, I had a conversation with the parent of a child that was taking their driver's test. This parent said, “it was interesting when the child was told to stand in front of what looked like a camera, they asked if that was for the license photo already and the answer was 'no', this is for facial recognition.”

22 Feb 2023 8 Min read The Cavalry

Commissioner Marseglia Uses Black People

A few weeks ago, I was driving to work through Langhorne, heading northbound on route 413. On the right, just after I crossed over Bridgetown Pike, I noticed a large sign for something that was "COMING SOON".

22 Feb 2023 8 Min read Seymour Goode

If not today, then tomorrow!

If not today, then tomorrow. It may be best to go to a commissioner or supervisor meeting. There you can see 'who is who' and, MORE IMPORTANTLY, who represents you.

06 Jan 2023 8 Min read The Cavalry

A Call to Keyboards

Notice the title of this column is not "A Call to Arms!". We are at a juncture in time where even just small groups of loud peaceful citizens can spread truth and reason and can still right this ship.

25 Jan 2023 15 Min read WizestWizard

#TwitterFiles Parts 10-15


25 Jan 2023 7 Min read Concerned Parent

PA Sen. Santarsiero Funds Sexualization of Kids

Bucks County's Democrat State Senator Steve Santarsiero gave $630,000.00 in tax payer money to an organization that promotes genital mutilation, drag queen story time, and the sexualization of children in Doylestown.

17 Jan 2023 7 Min read Seymour Goode

Necessary Evil

Good people must be willing to take on the difficult task of representing the good people.

17 Jan 2023 3 Min read Seymour Goode

A Path to a Bridge

WE have a duty to those that will follow us, sometimes only to keep a path open, and sometimes to traverse the difficult situations.

17 Jan 2023 7 Min read The Cavalry

A Fine Line Between Tolerance and Agitation

Keep the reprobate mind away from our schools. Read the room. The innocence of children will always be defended.

10 Jan 2023 15 Min read WizestWizard

#TwitterFiles Parts 1-9


10 Jan 2023 7 Min read The Ghost Of Thomas Paine

Over-Taxed and Under-Served

Taxes and Tolls; How the High Cost of Driving is Lowering Quality of Life in Bucks

06 Jan 2023 6 Min read Seymour Goode

In Common

Most of the discussions are non-confrontational, since we don't really want to upset family and friends. We talk about the things that we have in common.